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Sometimes it’s only the outliers who recognize a great idea.  The problem is, if you don’t move it into mainstream, the idea will wither from disuse.  Such was the dilemma facing Jive and other social for enterprise companies.  They’d created a facebook-style collaboration tool for businesses, but were having a hard time getting people to change their work habits enough to benefit from it.


Enter StreamOnce. Even if half the team communicates by email, and the other half uses Dropbox, StreamOnce automatically integrates everything into the team’s Jive account. This platform changed the way teams generate and share data, without requiring behavior change.


I wrote case studies and web copy that helped marketing and HR teams visualize how StreamOnce would optimize their collaboration. No matter which system they’re using, the data shows up where they can act on it.


Shortly after launching, StreamOnce was acquired by Jive. The outliers are still high-fiving.

Social for Enterprise


Virtual HR Platform


In the lean startup world, entrepreneurs are driven to work smarter, not harder. Algentis is a virtual HR platform that handles payroll, benefits and more so the startups can stop filling out forms and get back to changing the world. 


I needed to create web-friendly messaging that showcased the platform’s technology while using a tone that straddled startup-savvy without merging into outright flip.


Also: the more you’re trusted, the more you’ll be trusted.  Throughout the site, my copy reminded prospects of Algentis’ existing social credibility:


 “Over $1 Billion in payroll processed. That’s a ton of happy entrepreneurs.”

ORIKI was founded in the 70's by an award-winning dermatologist in Los Angeles. For decades it got by on word of mouth referrals. But now that the company was trying to go global, the business was stymied by its website's clunky old copy. The text was dry, overly scientific and impersonal. It was time: this skin care company needed an....ahem.... a facelift.


I couldn't promise eternal youth- it's skin cream, not snake oil-  but I could help women see how these powerful peptides and botanically-based ingredients would work synergistically to create healthier, smoother skin.


ORIKI is one of the few skin care companies that openly discloses its full list of active ingredients. I interviewed the scientists to learn just how extracts of green tea and concentrates of Vitamin C interact for smoother, firmer skin. (Hint: it has to do with exfoliation and the regeneration of the collagen-elastin complex. )


Soon, these formerly dense lectures on the epidural layers were transformed into bold, sensual benefits backed up by facts. Along the way I also helped ORIKI distill its story of origin into a lush new foundation:


"ORIKI: Founded in science, fueled by nature."




This software company needed a B2B white paper to help CIO’s understand what features to look for in a personalization engine. Although the paper was written for the release of the company’s product launch, it needed to be authoritative and impartial, not salesy.


To the right is an excerpt of the 12 page executive brief. The historical overview explains how ecommerce has created a sea change for retailers. Contact me for the full white paper.




White Paper

Beauty Product

ORIKI skin cream

Lake Merrit Boot Camp

Cover Story: Oakland Magazine

Oakland Filmmakers

San Francisco Chronicle

Each project involves intense research. But for this article, I actually went undercover. In order to write Oakland Magazine’s cover story, I had to join a bootcamp.
Every morning in the predawn darkness, I unrolled my (soon to be covered in goose-poop) yoga mat alongside a dozen warrior women along the shores of Lake Merritt.
My muscles constantly ached, but my psyche totally soared. Together we lifted, jumped and sprinted, and were generally pushed well beyond what I thought was possible.
Ah, the power of well-timed bellow. Here's how it all started:


"On the morning that I couldn’t zip up my favorite jeans, I realized  it was time to stop blaming the dryer and get back into shape. Like all working moms, my week is a whirlwind of meeting deadlines and making dinners. My life feels like a frenzy of activity, but since little of it involves cardio, the pounds have crept on. It dawned on me that I needed more than a workout; I needed a drill sergeant".



 For most people, the teenage years stand out in sharp relief. What tends to be blurry are those years between childhood and becoming a teen. Two Oakland filmmakers documented that transition, trailing four East Bay girls of color as they left childhood behind and entered the maelstrom of adolescence.

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