What clients say about working with me:

"I've worked with JoAnne both on my own company's messaging and as a collaborator for my clients. She creates marketing materials that help me and my clients generate excitement, clarity and increased attendance.  


JoAnne has the gift of not only being a brilliant and crisp writer, but the business savvy to manage a client.  She knows that her clients are busy people.  She is able to shepherd you through the process with such ease and guidance, it never feels like a chore.  Just the opposite.  It is a joy to have her interview you about your business, and then deliver copy that captures your personality as well as specific examples of how we impact our clients. She gave my website the voice we were seeking and helped us set ourselves apart from the competition.


She goes beyond being what I once imaged to be writer of "just" copy. JoAnne is a powerful branding and marketing partner for my business and my clients. Collaborating with JoAnne on my clients' projects immediately brings more value to my clients. I love having JoAnne as part of my company's professional resources- I can hand over the whole project to her and know she will hit a home run each time."  Maggie Kennedy Braff,  Principal, Kennedy Events LLC

"I've been at this for about 30 years, and I can tell you that this is my first-ever fan letter to a direct marketing writer. I just couldn't resist. I just want to tell you that this is an exceptionally well-constructed pitch. It's a kick-ass piece of writing. Got my attention. Amused me. Engaged me. Very, very well done." Michael Copeland, Senior Manager, Qualcomm Global Communications



"JoAnne's participation in our project was invaluable. She worked closely with us and our client to gather all the necessary information, transforming their raw data into a cohesive, eloquent marketing masterpiece. JoAnne's attention to detail, willingness to work in a team environment and vast talent make her a valuable addition to any project. I would unreservedly recommend her for your copywriting projects." Mike Grey, Marketing Director, Ezial Design



"JoAnne has a knack for learning and thoroughly understanding what a business is about, then translating that clearly into text that is easy to digest at a glance." Rocky Laber, Co-founder,  DSD Lawsite Solutions


"JoAnne added the snap to my website that it needed. She made it a reflection of my personality and business style. She’s very good at reading people."Jeff Hansen, Owner,  Piedmont Shell Auto Care


“Recently we were awarded a grant from the Taproot Foundation to redesign our website. We began this project with some trepidation as we did not know who we would be working with. JoAnne and her team very quickly put our minds at ease. JoAnne was a wonderful, collaborative team member and a skilled editor and copy writer! She understood our mission, the special audience we were trying to reach and some rather subtle messaging elements we wanted to capture.

The team that we worked with was brought together by the foundation and had not worked together previously. This required that they coalesce as a team and respond to four of us as their clients very quickly. JoAnne was enthusiastic, thoughtful and always exhibited her cheerful personality. She asked the right questions and was quick to acknowledge each team member’s contribution. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with this amazing woman is very fortunate!"
Robin Allen, Executive Director, Califormia CASA Association




"JoAnne was a pleasure to work with, from beginning to end. She has a great talent and is fun to work with. She helped write, edit, and format a great deal of web content and did so with professionalism and skill. I recommend her highly." Phil Ladew, Legal Director, Califormia CASA Association



"JoAnne took a complex and potentially dull subject and turned it into engaging and clear marketing copy. The unexpected benefit for me was that JoAnne's copy gave me a better understanding of what our client did. Her clear explanation put pictures in my head

that directly influenced the layout of the brochure. The result was a simple and elegant marketing tool for our client, and it was guided by JoAnne's ability to distill complex information into succinct bit-size pieces.  JoAnne Tobias is my first choice for copywriting services." Ross Turner, Owner, Turner Design